Exercism – Practice your dev skills

A week ago I  was trying to find some algorithm exercises and I found exercism.io, a website that helps you practice your developer skills using your terminal, your favorite IDE and TDD 🙂

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Besides the TDD approach, what I really liked about it is that it encourages you to solve problems iteratively, one test at a time and when all tests are passing, refactor your code for a better solution.

It also lets you discuss each others solutions and I’ve already received some nice advices. Some exercises also made me learn some new methods that I’ve never used before like reducetr and learn that count can receive a block!

I’m practicing Ruby but they have exercises for a lot of other languages like: PHP, Lua, Lisp, F#, Javascript and Elixir.

I suggest you try it and then let me know if you liked it or not and if you did, comment here your profile so we can try to help you improve your coding skills 🙂

ps: you can also see my answers and help me improve mine

When you’re the senior in junior/senior pair programming, the measure of your success is how much the junior learns.

Kent Beck on twitter.

I guess that’s also true on a daily basis on a project where there are some people with way more experience than others 🙂

Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, Open2Study…. que tal buscar e filtrar os cursos em vários desses sites de e-learning de uma só vez?

accredible_logoAprenda neurobiologia, sobre a Revolução Francesa ou sobre Hadoop. Enfim, você consegue aprender praticamente qualquer coisa hoje em dia na web né?

O diferencial desses sites é que são melhor estruturados num formato de aula online mesmo. Enfim, fica a dica: Accredible!