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How to delete local git branches after the merge

From time to time we all get annoyed by the git branch autocomplete, which used to be so useful, but now makes us practically write the whole branch name! 😡

Why it keeps happening? Because we are awesome developers who use feature branch flow and now, after working so hard, we have dozens of branches on our local machine.

Yogo, can you tell me an easy way to clear these branches? I don’t wanna delete each one manually! 😩

I sure can, my friend! Here is an alias that I use to delete all my merged branches:

alias clear_merged_branches="git branch --merged | egrep -v '(^\*|master|production)' | xargs git branch -d"

It will only leave the “master” and “production” branches, which you can easily change on that code. Besides the branches that haven’t been merged into master, of course.

Remember to use this alias while you are on the “master” branch 😉


As lpmusix pointed out, you can also use it as a git alias. Add to the alias section of your ~/.gitconfig:

cb = "!git branch --merged | egrep -v '(^\\*|master|production)' | xargs git branch -d"