Beholddy, easily monitor youtube for new videos of specific subjects

On this last weekend, me and a couple friends hacked together a beautiful UI for a tool that I built to scratch my own itch: monitor youtube for new videos on specific subjects. Meet Beholddy:

This cute beholder, with its unique features, will monitor youtube for every new video uploaded and let you know as soon as a new that meets your criterias comes out!

I currently use it to find out:

  • videos of huge channels of a topic that I could take advantage on (by getting into their “similar videos”, for example);
  • discover smaller channels talking about subjects similar to mine and maybe propose a partnership;
  • monitor competitors;
  • new tips about videogames I enjoy 😜

But hey, this is me! Try it and maybe you will find other uses for it and don’t worry cause it has a free plan!

And please, give me some feedback on how you are using it and I will even add a couple more alerts to your free plan 😉