Programming isn’t for me, programming is too hard… true and true but here’s how to make it easier and why it’s worth it

In the beginning, you were like:

Wow, I love playing video games! It would be awesome if I created my own… I’m gonna start learning how to program! 😎

Or maybe…

Wow, this site is beautiful! That’s it! I’m gonna learn how to create websites as beautiful as this! It shouldn’t be hard…

And then you start doing some PHP tutorials, read a bunch of blog posts, articles about frameworks, databases, gems that are awesome, do Rails for Zombies, sign up for Code Academy

But a few weeks or a couple months later…

Fuck it! I’m tired of reading a hundred tutorials, searching for the best plugins, learning the framework that’s trending this week, controllers, models, mailers, IDEs, terminal errors, git branches, SSL, DNS, debugging errors…

Programming isn’t for me!
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

Is it your problem? Hell NO!

Programming isn’t something fun!

Yes, I said it!

But do you know what’s really fun? Building stuff! And it comes with that fulfilling sense of accomplishment when you finally finish building something.

And this was the reason why I endured the rest of my digital design undergrad but decided to be a programmer: being able to turn my ideas into reality!

A programmer is one of the few professions that enables you to create something that other people can use, from basically nothing. And what you create can even make people’s life somehow better, easier or happier! How awesome is that!?!?

How should I start then?

With a small personal project. Maybe a static website that helps people relax or that will blow people’s mind with your creativity (turn your sound on), maybe something useless or something exciting like helping people watch grass grow in real-time.

The most important thing is that it needs to be a small project, something you can build in a couple weeks or maybe in 1 weekend. The main goal is enduring the process but finally creating something from nothing for the first time!

Build something you think its funny, something you can show to your friends and family, something they can use!

Start right now!

Until you build your first personal project, momentum is key. Right after finishing this blog post, take 15 minutes to follow these simple steps (yup, you can spare 15 minutes):

  1. remember some ideas you already had or that you wrote down somewhere;
  2. choose the smallest one that you feel like building it right now;
  3. check your calendar and reserve times, nights and days on it that you will dedicate to building this project!
  4. JUST DO IT!

Have no idea how to even begin?

Ok, I understand it. But I’m gonna take that excuse from you too: just leave a comment with your questions and I’ll give you some directions 😁

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