Have your terminal troll you when you make a typo

Sometimes when we are programming, we are typing one thing but thinking about another as our fingers can’t type as fast as we think, right? So if we are not careful, we get typos.

The most frequent typo is changing the order of a couple of letters like “gti” instead of “git or “sl” instead of “ls”.

So what about turning these small mistakes into something funny? Allow your terminal to troll you when you make those mistakes 😁

When you type “gti” you will see:

reproduction of the gti typo

And when you type “ls” you’ll see a Steam Locomotive:

demo of the sl typo

You can easily install them with brew:

brew install gti
brew install sl

Or check their repos (gti and sl) to see how to install on other platforms.

Do you know any other package like that? Let me know in the comments below 👍

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